Dollars and Sense

7 ways to improve your finances in 2022

Becoming more proactive about managing your finances is a win-win. And you may feel more motivated than ever to do it in the New Year. Use these tips to get started.

By Cheryl Lock February 04, 2022


For many Americans, last year was a whirlwind. On the financial front, we dealt with everything from a hiring boom and mass workplace exodus, to rising inflation, supply chain issues, and personal savings rates that have seen both highs and lows.

Regardless of where these ebbs and flows left you, chances are your finances could use some fine-tuning in the New Year. “When we start paying attention to how we are doing with our money on a macro level, we get a better perspective on the overall direction of our financial situation,” says Sophia Bera, Certified Financial Planner®, founder of Gen Y Planning. Here are some easy ways to improve your overall financial outlook in the New Year.   


With your financial goals defined, you can move into the new year with confidence. And don't forget to use Upwise to continue building positive financial habits and to make the most out of every dollar.


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