What are workplace legal plans?


What are workplace legal plans?

Workplace legal plans are valuable benefits that provide access to a network of attorneys.

What are workplace legal plans?


You’re suddenly faced with an urgent legal matter.

Do you have an attorney on standby?

That’s where workplace legal plans come in. They’re a reliable and cost-effective method of protecting you and your family from the cost of legal representation—not to mention provide peace of mind. 

What is a workplace legal plan?

Let’s say you find yourself in the middle of a legal issue. It happens to about half of us every year.1  Workplace legal plans are a benefit that some employers provide to help with exactly that. The plan gives you access to qualified attorneys, which can prevent you from undertaking a confusing and time-consuming search.  

What can legal plan attorneys help with?

Legal plan attorneys can assist you with navigating common legal issues, including:

  • Getting married (e.g., prenuptial agreement)
  • Buying, selling, or renting a home (e.g., contracts, deeds, and purchase agreements)
  • Protecting your family (e.g., creating wills and estate planning documents)
  • Dealing with identity fraud, which has increased dramatically2
  • Sending kids off to college
  • Caring for aging parents
  • Handling an unexpected legal issue, like getting audited3

Reduced costs

An average attorney's fee for one hour of legal work is $370, depending on experience.4 Legal plans sponsored by your workplace may cost a fraction of that amount. Plus, some legal plans don't have retainer fees, copays, claim forms, or deductibles when using a network attorney for a covered matter. Premiums are deducted from your paycheck, so there's no need to manage bills or payments for plan services.5

Feeling good? You should be. 

A workplace legal plan can provide peace of mind for a much lower cost than you’d find outside your employer, making them a great tool for managing legal costs.

And you know what they say about unforeseen events: An ounce of lawyers is worth a pound of lawsuits.

Or something like that.

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