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Check out our FAQs 

You’ll be prompted to start your financial assessment when you log in to the app. If you dismiss the prompt, you can restart it later from the app’s home screen by clicking on the “plus” icon on the My Plan tile. You can also access the assessment tool from the Account tab in the Money section by clicking on the Financial Assessment tile.

Yes, you will need to link at least one checking account or credit card account to start the assessment. If you already have linked accounts in the app, you’ll be prompted to add other accounts as a part of the assessment.

We use the transaction data from your linked accounts to identify your income, spending and debts. If we are unable to identify this data due to lack of information from the linked accounts, you can also add the information manually.

Yes, you can continue the assessment from the Upwise app’s home screen or the Accounts tab in the Money section. Click the financial assessment tiles that are tagged as "In Progress."

Yes, you can update your plan from the app home screen or the Account tab in the Money section. Go to the My Plan tile and tap on "View Results." The action plan screen will be displayed. On this screen, you can tap on "Update Assessment." The Spend view will be displayed and you can change the manually entered values.

Yes. To edit your plan, go to the app’s home screen and click on the “Edit” button to remove tasks from your action plan. The next best action will be recommended to you.

Your assessment will not be updated when you link new financial accounts. You can always manually update the values you entered.

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